Why Are Cutco Knives So Expensive?

Cutco knives can be expensive due to several factors, including their sales model, production costs and lifetime warranty. You’re buying a product you can use and give away, while also receiving top-notch customer support if there is a problem.

The price of a Cutco kitchen knife is significantly higher than that of an average kitchen knife. It is important to know why are Cutco knives so expensive before you buy them. This article will tell you everything about the brand and its products.

Cutco Knives

Cutco is a Cutco Cutlery Corporation brand. This brand was founded in New York in 1949. This brand is known for its wide range of products. These products will make your life easier.

Cutco Knives offers everything, from pocket knives to gardening tools and kitchen knives. The brand has produced over 100 kitchen cutlery items to this day.

Why Are Cutco Knives So Expensive

Their business model was unique in that they sold their products mostly to door-to-door salesmen. The brand has no retail outlets and its representatives must build their customer base one at a time. The brand’s success was not due to flashy advertising. It was largely due to the phenomenal products.

Reasons Why Are Cutco Knives So Expensive

Cutco knives are excellent, but they can be a little expensive. It is important to ask whether these knives are worth the extra cost compared to other knives. There are many factors that you should consider when answering this question.

Do you want to know the reasons why Cutco knives cost so much? These are reasons why Cutco knives are so expensive.

1. Lifetime Warranty

Cutco’s Forever Guarantee guarantees that your knives will last as long as you bought them. This warranty is so strong that you can continue to protect your knives even after they are given away or passed on to family members.

These are the most important aspects of Cutco’s lifetime warranty. Send Cutco a message explaining the problem. Cutco will either fix or replace the product. This includes sharpening knives. If you are not satisfied with the product’s performance, you have 15 days to request a refund.

2. Free lifetime sharpening

A representative from Cutco will visit your home to sharpen your knives if you purchase a complete set of Cutco knives. You can also mail your dulled knife to the company and they will sharpen it and return it to you.

3. America’s Production

Cutco knives are made in America and go through various refining processes, both manually and by hand.

Although the automated process is quick and efficient, the manual process of making a Cutco knife requires some refining. Because manufacturers must pay their worker’s decent wages, production costs in America are higher than elsewhere. Cutco must charge high prices in order to make a profit.

4. Materials and Construction

Cutco blades can be laser-etched (cut out) of a sheet made from high-carbon AISI 440A stainless steel. After being heat-treated, the blades are buffed and attached to the handles.

Although 440A steel is strong and resistant to corrosion it will not hold its edge as well as more expensive, higher-quality alloys.

Cutco blades have a triple-riveted handle made of a thermo-resin. The handle is dishwasher safe, non-porous, and free of BPA. This material is not like wooden handles and won’t harbor bacteria. It will also resist moisture or heat damage.

After the knife has been assembled, its blade should be sharpened at a 15-degree angle on both ends. It takes approximately 25 steps to make a Cutco knife.

5. Sales Model

Cutco’s sales model is very unique, as we have already mentioned. Cutco sells all of its products through commissioned sales teams that will often do demonstrations at customers’ homes or in other venues.

Although this may not be an advantage or disadvantage for you, it does explain why some products are a little more expensive than others.

Questions About Cutco

1. Can I Sharpen My Cutco Knives At Home?

Both yes and no. Yes, you can sharpen Cutco straight-edge knives at home. You cannot sharpen Double D edge knives at home. They must be returned to Cutco for sharpening.

2. How Long Do Cutco Knives Last?

Theoretically, it is forever (or as long the company lasts). All knives at home are covered by the Forever Guarantee. Some customers have reported that the knives last more than 60 years.

3. What Is The Composition Of The Steel Cutco Used?

The 440A steel has 16-18% chromium, 16 to 18% carbon,.60-.70% carb, up to.75% molybdenum and up to 1% iron.


Consider a Cutco knife, or a whole set of knives, as an investment that will last a lifetime. If you take care of your knives well, you might be able to pass them down to future generations.

This brand is also remarkable because it offers a lifetime warranty and superior customer service. They will replace or repair your knife without any hassle. These knives will allow you to show off your skills. You can also learn more about knives on our website.

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