5 White Pepper Substitutes Will Make You Surprised

Do you want to find great white pepper substitutes? Keep reading to see our suggestions. White pepper is often used to spice up creamy sauces or light-colored dishes. This is a great way to add mild pepper flavor without the black specks of black pepper.

It is milder and more complex than the black variety. This is due to the fermentation process that changes the spice’s compound. If you are out of white pepper, the following alternatives will work.

What Is White Pepper?

The same pepper berry (Piper. nigrum) is used to make white pepper. After the pepper berry has fully ripened, it is removed from its skin and dried. This pepper is more pungent than black, but it has a distinct flavor that can quickly become overwhelming if you use too much. In our Carrot Leek soup recipe, we use white pepper.

White Pepper Substitutes

The flavor is quite different from that of black pepper. Whole white peppercorns can be purchased or ground white pepper. These can be purchased in most grocery stores. Whole white peppercorns are available at very affordable prices in Asian markets.

White Pepper Substitutes

1. Black Pepper

White pepper is used to preserve the dish, especially when it’s made with cream or white sauces. If you don’t mind a few black dots in your soup, however, black pepper can be used. It has the same flavor, aroma, and spice as white pepper. This is the best option for a subtle substitution.

2. Ground Ginger

Ground ginger is a common ingredient in Thai cuisine. It has a similar appearance to white pepper. Ground ginger is a versatile ingredient that can be used in light, creamy sauces. It also has mild spices. You only need a small amount of ground ginger to make a big difference. Start with a little, then add more as you need. To ensure that the ginger is well incorporated with other ingredients, smell or taste it.

3. Ground Mustard

It is mildly yellow in color, but it tastes better with white sauces than black peppercorns. Ground mustard is a strong flavor that provides mild heat to dishes.

It leaves a spicy taste on your tongue but it’s still mild and imitates the flavor notes of white pepper. Ground mustard, aside from its taste, is a natural emulsifier that binds oil to eggs. The raw form has a mild flavor, making it ideal for use with ingredients such as beef, cheese, or butter.

This spice has a pleasant aroma, more like a head-clearing or fresh scent. You can substitute white pepper with a pinch of ground mustard. You can add more to get the desired flavor.

4. Green Peppercorns

Green peppercorns are similar to both white and black peppercorns. They come from Piper nigrum plants. Although green peppercorns are typically pickled, it is possible to find them dried so they can be ground into white peppercorns.

Some dishes may use the pickled version. Pickled or dried green peppercorns are more visible than black peppercorns but they will still stand out. They can be used as a substitute for black peppercorns in dishes that would otherwise look unattractive.

5. Pink Peppercorns

Apart from white pepper, there is also pink pepper. It is prized for its sweet, resinous aroma and taste. Pink peppercorns are lighter in color than their white counterparts. They are used in fish recipes, vinegar, wines, and other applications that have a mild peppery flavor.

The essential oils are extracted in the same way as white pepper. This gives them a milder flavor and less strong aroma. It is also known as the Peruvian Peppertree and is a member of the Anacardiaceae family, which is native to Chile and Peru.

You can substitute the white variety with pink pepper. To give them a mild and hot taste, treat them exactly the same.


1. What Is The Difference Between Black And White Pepper?

Both peppers are harvested differently and processed in different way. The flavor profiles of both peppers are slightly different. Black pepper has more heat and is stronger than white pepper, which is milder but earthier.

2. What Is The Shelf Life of White Pepper?

The whole white peppercorn has a very long shelf life. If stored in the right conditions, it can keep at its best for up to 3-4 years. You can extend the shelf life of your spice by storing it in a sealed container. This will keep any air from getting in. This will preserve the flavor and potency of the spice.

3. White Pepper Similar To Cayenne Peppers?

It’s completely different. Cayenne pepper comes from a different family than the Capsicum Annum, while white pepper comes from the Piperaceae family.


These substitutes are some of the most popular substitutes for white pepper. This is largely due to their similar flavor, aroma and color. The best way to replace ingredients is to use a small amount and then increase the quantity if necessary.

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