What is Pakkawood? How to Use It?

Pakkawood is a popular choice for those who love cooking and shopping for utensils. If you are wondering and want to learn what is Pakkawood? and how to use it? Then continue reading our article. 

What is Pakkawood?

Pakkawood refers to impregnated wood veneers that are used in knife production for handle scales. Pakkawood is coated with an epoxy resin that makes it weather- and water-resistant. Pakkawood is polished and ground to achieve a smooth sheen at the end of its production process.

Pakkawood is strong and durable, and it can keep its shape and remain colorfast. The finished product is made from natural wood, but it is considered a synthetic product. This means that there is not much information available about the product’s color or pattern. These aspects are dependent on the components used in Pakkawood production.

What is Pakkawood

Pakkawood, because of its unique properties, is highly adaptable to all design requirements. This material is available in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

To change their color, some are dyed with colored glue. To give pakkawood the look of oak or chestnut wood, you can color it. You can create a rainbow or camouflage effect on your pakkawood by using dyes of different colors.

The Appearance

Pakkawood may look very similar to natural wood but it can come in different colors. Pakkawood can be dyed to look like walnut or oak trees. It may also be dyed to look like an exotic tree species like zebrawood depending on the purpose.

Pakkawood is dyeable in almost every color possible. You might see it in bright colors like fuchsia, camouflage and rainbow. Pakkawood has a glossy appearance due to the resin that is applied to it. Many Pakkawood producers don’t feel the need to spray another layer onto the final product.

Its Composition

We can see that Pakkawood has many interesting properties by simply looking at the above facts. What is Pakkawood, exactly? How does it get there? We need to look closely at plastic and wood in order to answer this question.

Pakkawood, as the name implies, is basically wood that has been infused with phenol. Pakkawood can be described as a combination of plywood and plastic resin. It is not applied as a layer of dye to the wood. Instead, it is embedded into the wood. The resin is then applied using high pressure. You may find 29 pieces of Pakkawood in a single inch.

3 Common Uses 

1. Knife Handles & Tactical Knives

Because of its high resistance to water, Pakkawood is used most often to make knife handles. Pakkawood handles can be used to make kitchen knives or steak knives. You can buy pakkawood material to shape custom-made wood-like knives handles. This could last many years.

Pakkawood knives handles can be used as an alternative to natural wooden handles, which tend to crack, split, and discolor. The material can also be used to make military knives and tactical knives’ handles. The pakkawood tactical knife is a great alternative to wooden handles.

2. Cooking Spoons & Spatulas

One example of the many uses of pakkawood is to make cooking spoons or spatulas. It is suitable for use in cooking utensils because it is both heat-resistant (and water-resistant). This material is not as scratchy as steel. Pakkawood spatulas and spoons are also available in multi-colored options for adding some color to your kitchen.

3. Pakkawood Pool Cues

Pakkawood pool cues can be very heavy due to the dense material. This material might be the right choice if you’re looking for a strong and heavy break cue. These pool cues may be known by another name, Dymondwood pool cues.

Are Pakka and Regular Woods Better?

Pakkawood offers many advantages over regular wood. Pakkawood is a durable, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and glossy material. Wood is more durable but can splinter or absorb water. This makes pakkawood an attractive choice for handles. You won’t scratch nonstick cooking pans if you use a steel surface on them.

How to Care for Pakkawood Material

You probably want to know how pakkawood was made and how to maintain your knives. One of the most common questions we get from kitchen knife manufacturers is “Is pakkawood dishwasher safe?” The short answer to this question is no.

Pakkawood, a popular material for kitchen tools such as knife handles, is widely used. Pakkawood, as you might think, is very easy to clean. Just put it in the dishwasher and you are good to go.

It isn’t easy. Pakkawood, while waterproof, is still made of wood veneers. Pakkawood can be damaged by being left in water for too long. We recommend that all kitchen knives, including any fine knife or wooden-handled steak knife, be washed and dried by hand as soon as possible.


We hope you found this article helpful in answering your questions about Pakkawood. Although it may sound strange, Pakkawood is a common ingredient in many kitchen knives. It is strong, durable, and resistant to water.  This guide was helpful. We hope that you like it. Also, check out the related posts.

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