9 Pernod Substitutes For Your Recipes

Pernod, a French liqueur that has an anise flavor, is most commonly used in seafood dishes or cocktails. It imparts a subtle licorice taste to dishes and is best used with oysters or mussels.

It’s best to not boil Pernod-like wine when you cook it. Instead, heat it slowly or add it at the end. It is recommended that you add four times as much water to Pernod. This liqueur has an alcohol content of 40% so it is important to use caution when adding it to your food or drink.

Even though you will only use 1/4 cup of the Pernod, it can be quite expensive. There are many Pernod substitutes that can be used to make the dish more affordable but still retain an anise flavor. We’ve compiled a list of substitutes for Pernod to try to replicate that flavor as closely as possible.

Pernod Substitutes

1. Pastis

Pastis, another French liquor, is also anise-flavored. This is the same company that makes pernod, so it’s no surprise that Pastis is the best replacement for pernod. Pastis is high in alcohol (40 to 45%) but it can be reduced when cooked in a dish.

Pastis can be added to seafood pasta or seafood paella for a unique taste and aroma. Because of its high alcohol content, the alcohol will eventually evaporate in cooking. However, some countries may ban it. To avoid getting into trouble, you should verify the laws in your area before buying.

2. Absinthe

Absinthe, which is a highly aromatic and distilled spirit, is made from a mixture of plants. The main ingredients are anise, angelica root and fennel.

This spirit’s color can vary depending on the bottling style. It can be very clear or bright green. You can add artificial coloring to the spirit or steep different herbs.

Absinthe’s history is long and complex. It was once a popular spirit, and was eventually banned in many countries. This was due to numerous instances of adverse effects caused by excessive use. Absinthe is not more dangerous than other spirits, but there’s no evidence to support this.

Absinthe is usually bottled at extremely high volumes of alcohol per volume. It is usually diluted with water before consumption. Absinthe is a great Pernod replacement for cooking, as it has the same taste as Pernod and evaporates during cooking.

3. White Wine

White wine is an integral part of many cuisines. It can be used as a safe replacement for Pernod in cooking. It can be used to replace Pernod in cooking.

It is recommended to use 2 teaspoons of white wine when you prepare seafood. You can also add 1 teaspoon of white wine to pasta and risotto. White wine’s acidity also eliminates the pungent odors that are associated with seafood or meat.

4. Lemon Juice

Pernod is a great alternative to lemon if you are looking for a soft drink. Lemon is a popular ingredient in desserts, savory dishes and pickles. This powerful fruit is high in vitamin C so you can choose this option. Although Pernod may not have the same flavor as licorice and anise, you can replace it with lemon to add sweetness and sourness.

Although it may not be obvious, this is a great place to have a soft drink, particularly if you don’t like alcohol. It’s also available in most food markets and is affordable.

5. Whiskey

Although whiskey may seem strange to some, it can be used in your cooking. Whiskey is a strong alcohol, similar to pernod. However, whiskey has a distinct flavor when aged for long periods.

Whiskey is often paired with red meats in Europe and Russia, particularly if they are slow-cooked. It can be used to flavor seafood, however.

A few drops of whiskey can add an additional aroma and sweet, but smoky flavor. The liquor can be added at the beginning of the cooking process, where it will evaporate while still leaving behind its aroma and flavor. If you prefer to taste the alcohol while cooking, you can add it at the end.

6. Ouzo

Ouzo, a Greek cousin to Pernod and an anise-flavored liquor made from grape must is called Pernod. It is traditionally distilled, then flavored with anise seeds and other herbs. It is a popular replacement for oyster or fish recipes, as it closely mimics Pernod’s effect in seafood. Ouzo flavor and recipe can vary from one company to the next. It is important to taste it before you add too much.

This Pernod substitute should be treated as Anisette when used for cooking. You should be cautious about how much Pernod you add to your recipe. You may need to dilute the liquor in some recipes. However, this could affect the flavor of the drink if it is added too early in the recipe. It is common to start with half the amount of Pernod recommended and gradually increase as you adjust to your personal taste.

7. Sambuca

Because sambuca has a relationship to Ouzo, Pastis and Pastis, it can be used as a Pernod replacement in cooking, especially if you desire a similar flavor.

Sambuca, an Italian anise-flavored liquor, is also known as: White sambuca, which is almost always colorless, is the most popular variety. There are also black sambuca, red sambuca, and other colors. This liquor is enhanced by the addition of basic oils made from anise, licorice, and elderflower.

8. Vodka

Vodka, a sophisticated cocktail, is made in Poland, Russia and Sweden. It is usually made from refined vodka, which is a liquid that is extracted from potatoes or aged grains.

Vodka is the most widely known alcohol. It’s also easily accessible all over the globe, making it an easy-to-discover Pernod replacement.

Vodka can be used in fish dishes, much the same as bourbon. Pernod’s anise flavor is not present in this product. It works well with shrimp and fish and can be mixed in various spices and flavors to get the flavor you want.

Vodka is a distinctively refined cocktail. It can be mixed with various spices to create a similar taste. Vodka can be mixed with shrimps, fish, and other seafood.


1. Are There Other Ways to Consume Pernod’s Replacements?

Similar to Pernod. Pour them (or Ouzo or Pastis or something similar) into a Collins glass. As an added bonus, add a cup of chilled mineral water (the standard kind) to the glass. You can watch the cloudy effect of a few drops.

Pernod Substitutes


2. What Is The Life Expectancy of Pernod’s Replacements?

This question is about quality and not wellbeing. It assumes legitimate capacity conditions. Even after being opened, an anise alcohol jug can be used for a limited time if it is properly stored.


The best substitute for Pernod is dependent on the type of Pernod you prefer. Lemon juice is recommended if you’re not a drinker of alcohol. However, Ouzo, Vodka and Whiskey are good options if you want to have alcohol.

You have been provided with the best Pernod substitutes in this post. This means that you don’t need to panic if Pernod runs out while you cook.

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