Mustard Seed Substitutes – 5 Best Alternatives

Mustard seeds are a true powerhouse of flavor. These tiny seeds have a strong flavor and aroma that adds a great zing to many dishes.  Sometimes you might run out and you’ll need to search for substitutes. You can find it depending on your needs. Here we will list mustard seed substitutes that you can use.

Different Types Of Mustard Seeds

These are the most commonly used mustard seeds in recipes.

Mustard Seed Substitutes

1. Yellow Mustard Seeds

Sometimes yellow mustard seeds are also called white mustard seeds. If a recipe calls out for white mustard seeds, don’t be confused. It will still be the same thing. Pickles and relish are made from yellow mustard seeds when they are whole.

You can substitute whole yellow mustard seeds for powdered or brown mustard seeds in a recipe that calls for them. Both Brown and black mustard seeds will have a stronger taste.

2. Brown Mustard Seeds

The taste of brown mustard seeds is stronger than the yellow, but not as strong as those from the black. They are thought to have originated in the Himalayas and are used in Indian and Southern Mediterranean dishes.

Brown mustard seeds can be substituted for black mustard seeds. Black mustard seeds are stronger in flavor. You can add a little at a time until the desired amount is reached.

3. Black Mustard Seeds

Black mustard seeds have a stronger flavor than the brown and yellow varieties. These black varieties are a popular ingredient in specialty dishes from the Middle East and Southern Mediterranean regions. This is due to the higher cost of growing and harvesting them.

Delicious Ingredients to Use as Mustard Seed Substitutes

1. Turmeric – The Best Choice

Turmeric is a common spice used in Asian cuisines. However, its popularity for flavor and health has also made it well-known in other continents. Turmeric can be used as a substitute for mustard seeds due to its bright yellow color and similar peppery, refreshing taste notes with mustard seeds.

And unlike horseradish and wasabi, which have a very tense, spicy taste; turmeric is relatively mild in flavor, so there’s no need to worry about the flavor differences when you substitute mustard with this spice.

Turmeric’s best function as a substitute for mustard seeds is in soups and dry dishes, where the ratio is 1:1. Turmeric also has amazing medical properties that reduce inflammation and increase immunity.

2. Horseradish – For Hot or Spicy Dishes

Horseradish is part of the same botanical family that mustard seeds. As such, they are very similar. These two spices can be substituted in many dishes, even though they look and taste very different. You can substitute fresh mustard seeds in recipes like braised zucchini with horseradish.

You can adjust the flavor of horseradish best if you grind it before. With the right modification, you can also use horseradish, mustard cream, or seeds in dishes.

Horseradish can be found in any local market. However, if you are unable to find fresh horseradish at your local store or market, prepared horseradish may be an option.

Prepared horseradish is a mixture of fresh horseradish vinegar and fresh horseradish that is mostly used to spice up dishes. Try substituting mustard seeds for the rich flavor of prepared horseradish in dishes that lack them.

You should also note that horseradish can be more spicy than mustard. It is better to start with half the amount and do a test before substituting them.

3. Wasabi – A Friend from Asia

You must know the wonderful spices in sushi if you love it. Wasabi, a green spicy-flavor spice that is used in Asian cuisines as a flavor enhancer, is the main ingredient.

Because of its natural heat and spiciness, wasabi powder can replace mustard seeds with a great taste. Wasabi powder is spicier than mustard seeds. It is best to use half the amount when replacing mustard seeds with wasabi.

Wasabi can be used to replace mustard seeds in dishes that require extra heat and spice. Combining wasabi with horseradish will give your container a more spicy, yet flavorful flavor.

4. Caraway Seeds – Similar Flavor

Caraway seeds are a good choice if you want to find consistency and harmony between mustard seeds and the replacements. These seeds have a similar flavor to mustard and can be heated, warmed, and slightly spicy.

You will need the same amount of caraway seeds to replace mustard seeds depending on how many mustard seeds you have in your recipe. Caraway seeds will lock in the flavor of your recipe.

5. Prepared Mustard – Homemade

You won’t find it anywhere else. You can replace mustard seeds in almost any recipe with a bottle of Dijon mustard or prepared mustard. It can be used in place of mustard seeds in sauces, marinades, and stews.

Most mustards, particularly yellow mustards, are milder than ground mustard. Therefore, a small amount of change can be made to achieve the desired flavor. You could add more turmeric, horseradish, or wasabi.

One teaspoon of mustard seeds can be substituted for one tablespoon of prepared mustard. You can also add 2-3 teaspoons more mustard seeds to increase the mustard’s density.

In substituting mustard seeds, yellow mustard is the smartest choice. Most plans can be made with normal mustards such as dijon or fiery-earthy colored.

For example, if you are using a wild mustard whole-grain tarragon with shallots as your base, make sure to think about how it will taste with different fixings. Make sure your mustard is fresh and ready to use before you begin using it.


Mustard seed can enhance many food flavors. You should not ignore the need for mustard seed in your recipe. It is better to substitute another spice or ingredient for it. These are just a few suggestions, but it is important to research the best mustard seed replacement. You should choose the right amount and type for your dish, depending on how spicy it is.

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