How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades 

As kitchen tools, meat grinders are available almost everywhere. They can chop meats and vegetables as well as other ingredients. Sometimes, however, the grinder can malfunction. Sometimes, the sharpness of the blades in the grinder may decrease. This could mean that the chopping may not be as sharp as it should be. Don’t worry!

This article will teach you how to sharpen meat grinder blades. This article will provide you with all the necessary techniques to sharpen meat grinder blades.

Can You Sharpen A Meat Grinder Blade?

The answer is yes, you can sharpen your meat grinder blade. Most people didn’t know that meat grinder plates could be sharpened. They discard their dull grinder blades in the trash or repackage them as if they never used them again.

Because no one could invent a perfect way to sharpen meat grinder blades, they tend to look for new ones. That’s all history now. There are three ways to sharpen a meat grinder’s blade. These will be discussed below.

how to sharpen meat grinder blades

How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades 

There are many traditional methods to sharpen the blades of your meat grinder. It all depends on the components and how comfortable you are with each process. We offer several options for sharpening. They can be customized to suit your preferences and needs.

1. Using Sandpaper

  • Pick a spot for sharpening

First, choose the area you want. It should be safe and open. The area should be safe and easy to navigate. Now, you can place the mirror on the floor.

  • Remove the machine components

The second step is to remove the grinder machine. It is easy. Refer to your instruction manual for details on how to disassemble the machine.

Some users don’t feel safe and secure when disassembling their meat grinder. They don’t use gloves. Sometimes, they can lose the grinder screws. The screws must be kept in one place. Wearing gloves is a good idea, as the element can cause injury. Wearing gloves will keep your hand safe.

  • Make sure to clean the blades

Before you sharpen, it is a good idea to clean the blades. There may be excess meat, fats, and oils that remain on your sharp edge. To remove any extra fats, oils, or meat from your components, it is best to use a clean cloth.

  • Sharpen the blades of your meat grinder

Place a mirror on a flat surface. Otherwise, it could break. You might feel uncomfortable while sharpening your blades. Use the 120-areas of sand in the mirror to apply the sandpaper. You can also cut the paper to your desired lengths if necessary. It might not be possible to use sandpaper together with mirrors because it isn’t the same size.

  • Make sure you have the right blades for your grinder

You must check the blades’ sharpness before sharpening. Then, you will need to decide how sharp your blades should be. To fit the edge, you can use scrap paper. This will give you an idea of how sharp your blades are.

  • Let’s get started on sharpening

You are now ready to sharpen your grinder blade. The machine’s edge should be held at a 45-degree angle. Next, use sandpaper to rub the blade with the book. Regular sandpaper can be used to check the blade’s sharpness. You can also turn the edges around to sharpen them if you feel it is necessary.

Keep going until it becomes a glazy shade at the edge. Scrap paper can be used to check. When you are satisfied, you can stop sharpening.

  • Clean the blade area

After you are done, make sure to clean the blades. You might find water or other unwanted materials attached to the blades. The surface can be cleaned with water. While wiping the blade, make sure to wear safety glasses.

  • Dry and reassemble

Let’s dry the parts of your grinder and reassemble them. Make sure your tools are dry before you attach them. For your safety, don’t forget gloves.

2. Use A Sharpening Stone

To sharpen meat grinder blades, you can use any type of sharpening stone. We are using diamond stones here because they are durable and water- and oil-resistant. This will reduce the hassle.

These are the steps:

  • Choose a stone: Make sure you choose a fine or extra-fine gritstone. If necessary, you can use a coarse stone. To give the blade a mirror-polished look, you can use 600 gritstone.
  • Place the stone on a flat surface. Now, sharpen your blade. You can now sharpen the blades by moving back and forth. You can also do this in a circular motion. This can be repeated 10 times, or as sharp as you want. You can stop if all scratches have been removed. Continue sharpening if you don’t have any scratches.

3. Use A Knife Sharpening System

The system includes two ceramic sharpening stones with approximate sizes that can be used for most types of blades and plates. You can also find other sizes. This is how it works:

  • Allow the stones to soak in water for at least 3-5 minutes.
  • Gently assemble your grinder with the correct stone.
  • Secure the rings by letting them hang loosely.
  • Turn the grinder on for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Switch off, and continue the process on both sides.
  • Once you are done, use the cardboard to rub the blades off the burr.
  • You can now enjoy grinding.

How To Store And Maintain Meat Grinder Plates And Blades

Removable meat grinder plates and blades are an important consideration when using a meat grinder. These things are the foundation of a meat grinder’s performance. It is important to ensure that they are properly maintained.

  • Cleaning

First, you need to learn how to clean the plates and blades of your meat grinder. You should soak the plates and blades in warm soapy water. This will clean them of all dirt and debris. After a while, take them out and scrub them thoroughly with a sponge. This process will remove all dirt. This process is easy to follow. You should make sure they are properly stored. How do you store them? Let’s find out how to properly save the plates and blades of a meat grinder.

  • Storing

For a great performance, it is important to store the plates and blades securely. They can be stored in many different ways depending on your convenience. These are easy and reliable steps you can follow:

Spraying a spray with food-grade silicone (LEM) can be used to protect them. It kills bacteria and germs. For a healthy and safe texture, store them in rice. Apply mineral oils to them and store the plates and blades for a long-lasting function. Spraying food-grade silicone is a common method of achieving convenience and practicality.

FAQs: How To Sharpen The Meat Grinder Blades

2. Is It Easy To Use A Belt Sharpener?

You need to have skills in order to use the belt sharpener. Most people lack the skills. Many users don’t even know what a belt-sharpener is. Experts recommend that you look for other options.

3. What Are Additional Safety Measures? 

You might also wear goggles, in addition to a glove. There might be tiny sparks when you rub the blade on the sandpaper. You could damage your eyesight by getting into your eyes.

You should also place the sandpaper flat on the surface. Better to use a table that can support you. It would be easier to hold the blade. If you are unable to manage a table, find a comfortable position for sitting.


A meat grinder’s blades and plates could be worn. Sharpening your components will ensure a great result. Sharpening the blades will make meat grinding easier. It also increases the effectiveness of your grinder. This simple tip will help you sharpen meat grinder blades. We hope you find the useful information in this article.

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