How to Dispose of Knives Properly?

There are many reasons to throw out an old kitchen knife. Here are some tips. Don’t throw them in the trash. Between the time the knife is dropped in the trash can, someone could be seriously hurt. Even dull knives are too sharp for you to simply drop them in the trash can. Safe disposal is not an option.

There are many ways to properly dispose of knives. The decision you make may depend on why you want to get rid. First, identify if the knife needs to be repaired beyond repair. If it is just in need of sharpening, or if it’s just about time for new knives. Learn how to dispose of knives if you don’t know what to do. 

How to Dispose of Knives

1. Alternative Methods for Disposal

Remember that even dull knives can cause injury to sanitation workers so don’t just throw them away. Consider this alternative to safe throwing away your knife.

How to Dispose of Knives

  • Your knives should be donated

Perhaps your knife isn’t damaged but you need a new knife. You might not be willing to fix the chip but someone with the resources may be able to repair it. Even if your knife isn’t usable, it could be useful to someone else. You can donate it to a friend who is starting a kitchen or to charities like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the local soup kitchen.

  • Recycle your old knives

There are many scrap metal recyclers in metro areas. Find one near you. It is important to identify the metal type used in your knife. Start by holding a magnet to the blade. If the magnet attracts, then the blade is ferrous. If not, it may be non-ferrous. There are many resources available to assist you. Let’s take a look at the three top knives replacements: ceramic and stainless steel.

2. How to Throw Away Knives

Nothing is better than a new set of knives. Preparing a meal becomes faster and more fun when you have razor-sharp kitchen knives.

You may be ready to give up some of your old tools as you improve your knife skills. But don’t panic! Even if the knives seem too dull, you can’t just throw them in the trash can. Knives left in trash can easily cut through plastic bags and cause injury when they are removed from the garbage bin. Someone could also cut their hand if they reach for something in the trash that they accidentally threw out.

  • Step 1

Before you throw them away, wrap your kitchen knives in a heavy newspaper. For example, you can wrap your kitchen knives in light cardboard from a cereal container or several layers of newspaper.

  • Step 2

Use a strong, heavy-duty tape to secure the newspaper or cardboard around your knives

  • Step 3

Wrap the knives in tape and place them in a container. This helps prevent injury to children and anyone who handles your trash (e.g. sanitation workers).

  • Step 4

If you don’t have a container, place your kitchen knives wrapped in a puncture-proof or metal container with a tight-fitting lid. Coffee cans, plastic milk, or bleach containers are suitable containers. Tape the lid shut.

  • Step 5

Toss the container or box containing the wrapped knives in the trash. Large overhead magnets are used by waste processing centers to separate ferrous metals from the trash. These metals include iron and steel.

Proper Knife Disposal Summary

It is the best thing that you can do to hand over your knives to someone else. It doesn’t matter if someone needs your knives, can safely recycle them, or has the experience to dispose of them. There are many great ways to do this. This should not be done at any cost, and it shouldn’t be difficult.

It was briefly mentioned above. However, a local knife sharpener could also be an option. These guys are often tinkerers who like to fix and rehabilitate older knives. Sometimes, it’s for money. Other times, it’s just for fun. It’s a way to give your unwanted kitchen knives to someone who can use them, rather than throwing them out.

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