The Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Skirt Steak

Try skirt steak if you’re looking for the best cut of beef. Although it can be tough due to the excess connective tissue, it is still one of the best cuts for grilling.

While there are many benefits to this cut, it can be difficult to master the art of cutting skirt steak. To get the best out of this cut, you need to do it in a specific way. Here we will show how to cut skirt steak.

What Is Skirt Steak?

Skirt steak can be described as a long, thin cut of meat with visible grain. It is located just below the ribs in the short plate, or diaphragm.

There are two types of skirt steak: the outside and the inside. It is important to understand this distinction as the texture and tenderness of each cut will vary, especially because it tends to have some hard muscle fibers.

  • Outside skirt: Because it is less coarse and tender, the outside skirt is more popular. It will measure approximately three to four inches in width, 1/2 to one-inch thick, and be noticeably longer than the inside cut.
  • Inside skirt: It is longer, approximately five to seven inches. It’s half as thick and gives you a chewier bite. It can sometimes be difficult to determine if the steak is outside or inside cut. 

how to cut skirt steak

How To Cut Skirt Steak

Prepare Skirt Steaks

There is no need to buy prime-grade meat when shopping for skirts. Even the best beef can have lots of flavor and fat, and if you cook it well, will be tender. A whole steak should measure approximately 2 feet in length. This will allow you to ensure that it is intact and can be grilled without any worries about overcooking.

Once the steak is home, you just need to remove any excess fat. For more information on how to prepare skirt steaks for grilling, please refer to our step-by-step guide.

  • Split it.

Whole skirt steaks measure approximately two feet in length and are usually rolled from the butcher. With your chef’s knife or sharp boning at the ready, you will need to roll them up on a large cutting surface. To make it easier to manage, lay the steak fat side up.

  • Slide under the fat

You should slide your blade under some of the fat. Be careful not to go too far. It’s easy to cut off some of the fat-covered meat by accident. It’s better to remove the fat in thin layers, so you don’t accidentally trim too much.

  • Continue to slide

Move your knife parallel to the board and cut the steak with your blade. You can also cut towards your hand if you prefer. A single mistake will set you on the right path for the rest of your life.

  • Trim

Fat is flavorful and juicy, so don’t be afraid to trim too much. Trimming should be done so that the meat’s surface is visible. However, you don’t need to go in between the meat fibers to reach the deep-seated fat striations. These will make the meat cook faster.

  • Flip and pull

Although most of the tough membrane from an inner skirt will be removed, there may still be some. To locate the membrane, flip the skirt steak on its non-fatty side.

  • It’s easy to take it off

Once you have the membrane, it should be simple to remove in large swathes. You don’t have to get too much fat. The rest will melt as the steak cooks. When trimming skirt steaks, it is better to under-throw than overthrow.

Cutting Skirt Steak

You can cut down a skirt steak by slicing it. You can create flexible portions by slicing the steak. You can cut steak to serve more people. This will also make the skirt steak more flavorful and less chewy, as they are usually tough. Here are some tips to help you make a skirt steak look professional every time.

  • Let the Meat Rest

Don’t slice the steak right after you have cooked it. Allow the steak to rest. For smaller cuts, it will take only 10 minutes. Larger cuts may need to rest for as long as half an hour. You can simply cover the steak with foil and place it in a warm area to keep warm while it rests.

You should let a cooked steak rest before you cut it. This will allow the juices that haven’t been scrambled by heat to settle and redistribute evenly all over the beef. This will result in a more tender and evenly cooked steak.

  • Use a sharp knife

To cut the steak, use a sharp knife. A blunt knife can cause the steak to become raggedy and difficult to cut. A sharp kitchen knife can also help you save time and effort.

The knife should be able to cut through the steak like butter. It is possible that your knife needs to be sharpened if it takes more effort.

  • Slice across the Grain

It is important to remember not to slice against the grain. The long lines of muscle fibers running from one end to the other are called grains. The most tender cuts of skirt steak will be made against the grain.

By cutting parallel to the long, parallel muscle fibers on the steak, you can cut against it. This will ensure that the fibers in the steak, which are the bulk of any toughness, are as short as possible, making the steak more tender.


It doesn’t take much effort or knowledge to cut skirt steak. You can cut steaks correctly by using a sharp, serrated knife. This method is recommended for every purchase and cooking of beef.

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