How To Cut Sashimi [Right Way]

Sashimi is one of the most loved and popular traditional Japanese dishes. Sashimi is raw meat that’s cut thinly or broken into small pieces. Sashimi is usually eaten with soy sauce.

You can serve sashimi with many types of meat. You can sashimi chicken, beef, deer and even tofu skin. But seafood sashimi, particularly salmon, is the most loved option. This dish is most popular with salmon, which is the most widely used fish. Today we will show you how to cut sashimi at home. Let’s learn some tricks to impress someone right now.

How To Cut Sashimi

  • Step 1

The first step to success with sashimi is choosing the best and freshest fish. You can use almost any kind of seafood to make sashimi. However, the most popular choices in Australia are tuna, salmon and kingfish.

  • Step 2

Use kitchen tweezers to pin bone the fish if necessary. These flexible bones can be found by running your finger along the flesh. They will run roughly the length of the fish’s middle.

How To Cut Sashimi

  • Step 3

You should trim any excess fat and bloodlines so that you can have a neat, clean fillet.

  • Step 4

There are many ways to slice Japanese sashimi, but the easiest is the hirazukuri. This rectangular-slice method works well for salmon, tuna and kingfish. Place the fillet onto a clean cutting board. Run the length of the board along the edge. If you are right-handed, place the fillet on the right side. With a sharp knife, cut from the top to the base.

  • Step 5

Continue to cut at 1 cm intervals (or less depending on your preference) while maintaining the same thickness throughout the fillet.

  • Step 6

Make sure to serve your sashimi right away. In keeping with Japanese washoku tradition, sashimi is served with three accompaniments–“ken” are little piles of shredded carrot or daikon radish, to prop your fanned fish slices against “tsuma” refers to dark herbs and leaves for garnishing and “Karami”, a pungent seasoning, such as wasabi.

  • Step 7

To taste, brush your sashimi slices in wasabi, and then dip them into your ramekin of soya sauce.

Tips To Cut Sashimi Style

  • Take Care When Choosing Fish

When it comes to sashimi, high-quality meat and fish are key. Make sure you only choose high-quality, fresh salmon. Also, ensure that your fillet is uniform in size.

  • Take out the Bones

To avoid biting the bones, you will need to first remove the pin bones from the fish. Place the fish flat on a flat surface and look for the pin bones. Use your kitchen tweezers for the tip. These steps can be repeated until all bones are removed.

  • Properly Hold the Knife

Make sure that you have a sharp knife. The way you hold your knife will affect the precision and consistency with which you cut your meat. These are some important things to consider:

To stop the fish from moving, hold it with your thumb.

You can use your thumb or index finger to handle the blade. This will allow you to adjust the angle and precision of the knife’s cutting. Holding the fish in your hands, bend your fingers inwardly to form a paw. Then start cutting.

Different Sashimi Cuts

To prepare sashimi, Japanese chefs use a variety of cutting techniques. There are many ways to cut meat. You can choose to cut salmon meat with one of the following methods, depending on your preference:

  • Hira-zukuri

Hira Zukuri, which is the preferred method for slicing sashimi, is the best and most efficient. It is also great for salmon and tuna. This style is best for tuna and salmon. To do this, angle your knife slightly to the left, then draw the knife towards you. You want to cut the meat in a rectangular shape with slices that are 2- to 3-mm thick.

  • Usu-zukuri

The Japanese word usuzukuri means fine cuts. These thin slices are almost transparent because they are almost transparent. This method uses a knife to cut diagonally across the grain. This is a common cut for white fish. Whitefish meat is more difficult so the thin slices make it easier for you to eat.

  • Kaku-zukuri

These slices can be cut into cubes or squares. These slices are then cut into 1.5-to 2-centimeter sticks. Then, they are diced into smaller pieces. This is a great method for fish with tender meats like tuna or bonito.

  • Sogi Zukuri

This method will allow you to thinly slice fish. This method is simple: Position your knife at a 45-degree angle and tilt it. Move the blade left to right. To create an angle, move the knife towards the left.


To cut sashimi, you need to practice holding the blade’s base with your thumb and index fingers. To avoid cutting yourself, place the knife edge under the middle finger’s thumb. This technique will make it easy to cut sashimi like an expert. Get a good sashimi knife and choose your favorite fish. Then, get to slicing with your friends.

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