How Long Does Cooked Tofu Last?

Do you want to know how long does cooked tofu last? Continue reading, we’ll discuss it in this article. We can all agree that no one likes spoiled foods. Tofu does have a distinctive soy flavor that can resemble spoiled food, but it is mild, sweet and nutty. You can tell when the food is bad by how it tastes. It might taste stale or bitter and not fresh.

We will also discuss the best storage options for cooked tofu, as well as the origin of tofu. There are reasons food has expiration dates. We are protected from food that has started to decay or could make us sick if they were to be eaten. This makes it easy to see if the food is safe to eat. Continue reading to learn more!

How Long Does Cooked Tofu Last?

All food expires. Although the time they take to spoil can vary, all food eventually goes bad. There are many factors that determine the shelf life of cooked tofu. We must understand their importance to find out.

Tofu is a solid block of condensed soybean milk. To give you an idea, raw tofu can last for approximately 4 days once it has been sold and an average of 2 days when opened. What about cooked tofu? What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of cooked food is longer than that of raw foods. Tofu should be cooked lightly (brown it), then drained and stored in a container. This will increase the shelf life by 4-5 days.

If it is kept at 40 degrees F or lower in the refrigerator, cooked tofu can last for approximately 4-5 days. Uncooked, uncooked tofu on the other side can be kept in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days without any risk. As long as safety standards are met, however.

It is important to remember to always check the labels to determine the best before and expiry dates of tofu. It is safe to eat unopened tofu no later than 2-3 months from the date it was manufactured.

How Do You Tell If Tofu Is Bad?

The three to five-day rule is a good way of determining if your tofu has gone bad. However, it is best to actually inspect the tofu and make sure it looks good. It is possible to wonder how to tell if your tofu has gone bad. It could be bad if the tofu is a darker color than it was before. It may also smell bad.

Although you won’t be able to smell fresh tofu, you might detect a slightly sour taste if the product has been spoiled. This can make it taste unpleasant. Bad tofu can make it look fragile and unattractive.

How Do You Store Cooked Tofu In The Best Way?

How you store cooked tofu will determine how long it lasts. It is important to keep track of the shelf life of tofu. How long you plan to keep tofu in the fridge or freezer will determine how to store it. You have the option of storing them in the fridge or in your freezer.

  • Keep cooked tofu in the refrigerator

The fridge is the best place to store cooked tofu if you intend to use it or eat it within a few days. The fridge will keep cooked tofu for about 4-5 days.

Place it in a container that is covered and, if possible, separate the sauce. It won’t be crispy if you keep cooked tofu in its sauce. Refrigerated cooked Tofu can last longer than others, but it does not guarantee that it will look the exact same after heating.

How Long Does Cooked Tofu Last

  • Keep cooked tofu can be stored in the freezer

Some tofu recipes can be frozen like soup. Tofu’s texture and color will change if it is frozen. Tofu can form ice crystals when it is frozen. It will taste a little different.


This guide will answer the question, “How long does cooked tofu last?” and provide an in-depth analysis of the shelf life of tofu in various mediums. We also discussed how to tell if your food has gone bad, and the health consequences of eating poor tofu.

Tofu is a popular vegan food, but it’s important that you only eat it while it’s still fresh. You could get sick if you leave it out too long or open it too soon. This is not just to let you enjoy the best tofu flavor, but also to protect your safety.

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