Horseradish Substitute – 7 Best Options [Updated]

Horseradish, a pungent root, is popular as a condiment. You can also make horseradish sauce from it. This is often used with British roast beef. It is much easier than you might think to find a horseradish substitute. We have seven options for you if you are allergic to horseradish. Horseradish is a spicy ingredient so we searched for ingredients with a lot of heat.

Horseradish Substitute

1. Wasabi Paste

Wasabi paste can be used to substitute for horseradish, as they have a similar flavor and come from the same Brassica family. Most wasabi paste, outside of Japan, is a mixture of horseradish, green coloring, so there is little difference between them.

Wasabi’s vivid green pigment may make it unsuitable for certain dishes. The green color will not look right if you serve roast beef with cream sauce. Wasabi is a good choice for most other recipes.

2. Mustard

Look no further if you are looking for an alternative to horseradish with its freshly grated texture and close proximity, than mustard.

You can also use mustard seeds by grinding them coarsely to enhance their flavor. Because it has the same pungency as horseradish, mustard can be used as a substitute.

The peppery flavor profile of mustard makes it a great condiment. Remember that you need to use the same type of mustard as your dish in order for it to be a success. Creamy dijon mustard is a better choice for those who require horseradish sauce. This will help you recreate the exact consistency of your dish.

3. Ginger

Although ginger is a rhizome similar to wasabi, it is still called a root. Although ginger is not a horseradish substitute, it can be used with many ingredients that require horseradish. You should note that ginger is slightly sweeter than horseradish so it might not work well with every dish.

4. Black Radish

The black radish is a dark reddish-black-colored vegetable with a similar shape and size to beetroot. The white flesh is crisp and crispy and has a spicy, hot taste. This vegetable can be imitated in the flavor of horseradish.

Black radish has a high heat content. You have two options: grate the whole vegetable and add a spice or heat ingredient. The skin is dark so it won’t be able to mimic horseradish. The taste of the radish can be removed, but it will be milder.

5. Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish sauce, also known as horseradish “gooey”, is the “gooey version” of horseradish. It is made by grating horseradish root, then adding vinegar. Horseradish sauce still packs the same punch as its root counterpart. One sauce is solid-state, while the other isn’t. Although the sauce can be made in different ways, one thing is common: they all have horseradish. You can make it yourself or purchase it.

The sauce is simply a product of the root. You can expect the same tastes. It makes sense to substitute one for the other. Horseradish sauce will be used in a similar way as fresh horseradish.

6. Daikon

Daikon, a winter radish, can be used in many recipes as horseradish. It has a mild, tangy taste with a juicy texture that is distinct from horseradish. It has a milder taste and is less peppery than other radishes.

Daikon can be used to replace horseradish or in soups and stews. It can also be used as a low-calorie side dish. Daikon can also be eaten raw, making it a great appetizer.

7. Parsnip

You can substitute horseradish for parsnip in your next meal. It is a common ingredient in soups and chicken broths. It can be baked, steamed, or mashed.

This root vegetable is distinctive in taste. It tastes similar to carrots and is sweet. These roots are different because they are from different families and have different colors. You can substitute it with parsnips in many recipes.

How Does Horseradish Taste?

It is delicious whether you are eating freshly grated horseradish root or the condiment. The flavor is pungent with a strong peppery flavor. Horseradish can burn your sinuses, even though some ingredients like chili peppers may be hot. Horseradish is a popular condiment for roast beef in the U.K. It’s also very popular in Poland and other parts of the globe.

Horseradish Substitute


Wasabi is the most popular horseradish substitute. You can also try pre-made sauces, dips, and mustard to substitute for the horseradish. If you need to add a little more flavor to your food, but can’t find the above, you might consider using ginger. Although it will taste completely different, you can make your food more interesting.

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