How to Dispose of Knives Properly?

There are many reasons to throw out an old kitchen knife. Here are some tips. Don’t throw them in the trash. Between the time the knife is dropped in the trash can, someone could be seriously hurt. Even dull knives are too sharp for you to simply drop them in the trash can. Safe disposal … Read more

How to Remove Rust From Knives?

If they are made from steel, kitchen knives can rust. The rust isn’t dangerous, and the knife can still be used safely. Rusted knives can cause a smear on your kitchen and add to the cost of food preparation. If rust isn’t treated, it can make a knife useless. Rust is the common term for … Read more

What is Pakkawood? How to Use It?

Pakkawood is a popular choice for those who love cooking and shopping for utensils. If you are wondering and want to learn what is Pakkawood? and how to use it? Then continue reading our article.  What is Pakkawood? Pakkawood refers to impregnated wood veneers that are used in knife production for handle scales. Pakkawood is … Read more

How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife Properly?

The serrated knife is a kitchen wonder. These knives are able to handle difficult tasks such as slicing tomatoes, crusty bread, or tender cakes without smushing, smushing, or otherwise destroying them. If that wasn’t enough to make serrated knives one of the greatest culinary wonders in the world, then consider the fact that they rarely … Read more